Since getting started in 2011, we at KALLIS EDU have made it our goal to publish clear,
    concise study guides to help students master some of the most challenging standardized tests.

    We believe that practice builds confidence, and that confidence allows individuals to perform at their best.
    Each of our study guides breaks down typical test questions
    and offers helpful strategies and an abundance of practice material.


    We’ve always endeavored to make standardized test-prep as accessible and affordable as possible,
    so starting in 2016, KALLIS EDU decided to make the leap from book pages to webpages with KallisPrep.

    After surveying the test-prep e-learning market, we realized that very few companies offer both accessibility and affordability:
    most sites with ample practice material are prohibitively expensive,
    and most free test-prep sites are clunky and lack quality contents.

    With this in mind,
    we set out to create an online learning platform with enough content to busy even the most diligent students,
    and to offer it at a price that would please even the thriftiest of shoppers.
    And after a year of researching, designing, uploading, and programming,
    we are proud to bring you KallisPrep, where you can fill your mind without emptying your wallet.

    Enjoy dozens of videos created by test-prep experts who review fundamental concepts and break down complex ones.
    Sharpen your skills by taking topic-specific quizzes.
    Master test contents by working through our 12 full-length SAT practice tests.
    And of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

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