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Where did blogging come from? Who was the first blogger? Why do so many people and corporations maintain blogs? These are the questions that consume my life at KallisPrep. If blogs fascinate you (and why wouldn’t they!?), keep reading to learn about the origin of blogging.

It should come as no surprise that blogging emerged in the late 1990s as internet technologies rapidly developed to allow authors to publish formatted text to their websites. Initially, blogs were run by individual writers who wanted to share or market their content on the internet. Many blogs later become monetized: authors began selling space on their websites to major advertisers. For high-traffic blogs, this became incredibly lucrative.

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As blogging and social media in general became more popular in the early 2000s, many corporations began managing blogs. Along with Facebook and Twitter, this strategy became an effective way for a large company to interact with its customers. Now, many blogs are self-promotional (like this one): the authors write to attract attention to their company rather than to advertise for a third-party.

At KallisPrep, we write this blog as a fun way to introduce educational topics and create new content for our students. We aim to educate, entertain, and inform through fun and engaging posts. We hope you enjoy this little diversion as much as we do!

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